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Lessons, Lift Ticket and Rental Equipment

Good for YOU - about to learn how to ski or snowboard. Step one is to dress for warmth. See our How to Dress section.  Most beginner lesson packages include gear to get you out on snow, and a lift ticket to get you up the hill. For skiers, rental equipment includes skis, ski boots, and poles (depending on your age). For snowboarders, rental gear includes a snowboard and snowboard boots. The staff at the rental shop will help you select and get fitted with the right gear. 

Here's what to expect.

You will need to fill out a registration form (See Rental Process). It provides the staff with the information they need to outfit you with the proper equipment. You'll be asked your height, weight, age, gender, and shoe size. Please be accurate. The type, size, and equipment settings vary depend on the information you provide.

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