The Rental Process

Renting Equipment

Proper fitting rental equipment depends on a lot of variables so it is important to be honest when filling out your rental application. You will be asked to fill out a paper or computerized form.  You might receive this when your purchase your lift ticket and rental package or at the actual rental location. Resorts will require identification and contact information.  Some may keep this on file or for their records, but will not share it with outside vendors. 

Your equipment is allocated based on several things including: your age, ability, height, weight, gender, and size.  Please be accurate.  The type of equipment you get, size and settings will vary depending on information you provide. You will be asked for:

-          Your full name

-          Contact information: address, phone number, and sometimes e-mail and/or mobile

-          Age and/or birth date

-          Height

-          Weight

-          Gender

-          Shoe size

-          Skiing/ Snowboarding ability

-          Proof of identification such as a driver’s license or passport

-          Release of Liability

-          Agree to the Terms & Conditions

-          Signature, and parent or guardian’s signature (if under 18)

-          Credit card information or security deposit

-          If snowboarding, indicate stance preference: Regular or Goofy

Rental operations staff uses a pre-determined chart. Allocations are based on your specifications.  If you have special requests, questions, or concerns, be sure to talk to the attendant. Make sure that your equipment fits properly and that you know how to use it before leaving the area.  See our equipment fitting and “need to know” sections for more information. 

You may be required to provide a credit card or security deposit which will be returned when YOU return the rental equipment in acceptable condition. You will need to read, understand, and agree to all of the Terms & Conditions as well as the Release of Liability. If you are under 18, you will need a parent or guardian signature. Ask if there is something that you are unsure about.

Determining your ability:


These are levels of ability used at ski and snowboard areas for all learners. Newcomers fall into the first category. As you improve, be aware of more advanced categories.  

Type I - First time through beginner.  Learning to ski and skiing slowly on beginner, easy, or green circle trails.  Type I is a low retention setting, which is increased binding release.

Type II - In between Type I and Type III, Type II is most recreational skiers.  These skiers are increasing speed and ability on green, blue, and some black slopes.  This is not for racing and moguls.  Type II skiers receive average release/retention settings.

Type III - Advanced skiers that can ski all runs at the ski area, which includes fast skiing on a steep pitch.  Type III skier’s receiver higher than average retention settings, this corresponds to decreased release-ability in a fall.

Determining your skier type is your responsibility:

Your skier type, height, weight, age, and boot sole length are used by the shop technician to determine the release/retention settings for your bindings.

Let the binding technician know if, from experience, you are dissatisfied with the release/retention settings that result from your skier classification.

Here is a Sample Rental Form


Name: _______________________________________ Organization: _____________


Address: ________________________________________________________________


Phone: ______________________________ E-mail:_____________________________


Age: ____________ Gender: ___________ Height: ____________ Weight: __________


Shoe size: ____________ Skier type: _________


For the Rental Technical to fill out:


Ski model: _________________ Ski number: _____________ Ski size: _____________


Boot: _________________ Boot size: _____________ Boot sole length: _____________


Poles: ___________________________Snowboard stance: ______________________


DIN Settings: RT________ RH________ LT_______ LH________


Tech signature: ___________________________________________


Terms and Conditions of this Rental Agreement


Terms vary according to the ski area. Agree to the skier responsibility code and assume inherent risk of the sport.


Release of Liability


You are essentially agreeing to release the ski area resort and all of its employees of all liability in case of injury or loss. 


Signature of user: __________________________________________ Date: _________


Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________________________________

(If under 18)

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