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Tip # 2 Other Activities

Skiers and snowboarders will find a wide variety of activities at winter venues today. Even if you are not quite ready to try skiing or snowboarding, there are often many other options. You don’t have to sit around and watch others have fun. Or, even worse, stay home.

One option is snow tubing where you sit in an inflated tube and slide down a hilly lane with a flat run out at the bottom. Anyone who has sledded as a child can re-live that childhood on a snow tube. Snow tube parks general are in a separate area from the ski and snowboard slopes.·

Another option is snowshoeing, a great way to get in an hour’s worth of exercise. Snowshoeing also offers an opportunity to explore the winter scenery. Being able to walk is the only requirement. Modern snowshoes are sleek and streamlined, made of aluminum or graphite. and are very light. Your excursion can vary from a strenuous, calorie-burning hike up a hill side or mountain to a leisurely stroll on flat terrain. ·

To start simply go to the rental area at the mountain or a nearby sports shop for fitting. Wearing some type of boot is highly recommended. Poles are optional and can help with balance and stability.

Some areas, like Camelback in Pennsylvania and Jay Peak in Vermont, have build water parks that feature pools, slides and “rivers”. Others have mountain coasters (a bob sled-type vehicle that allows you to control your speed as you descend the mountain on a track.· Zip lines, while not generally available at smaller venues, are becoming more popular as a year ‘round activity.

Most larger resorts have a variety of lodging options with state-of-the-art fitness facilities, indoor or outdoor pools and hot tubs. Ice-skating is another popular option at many resorts. Some have performing arts centers offering other options for entertainment. Stowe, Vermont, and Park City, Utah are two such examples.

Shopping is enjoyable for many visitors to mountain resorts. Most have at least a couple of shops and many have a large variety as part of a base lodge complex, slope side village or walk-to town centers. The bottom line is there is fun to be had both on and off the slopes!

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