Pacific Clubs

Ski, snowboard and snowshoe clubs are a great way to meet new friends and save money on trips. Many clubs have other sports or social activities and meet year-round. Many clubs belong to regional councils or national organizations, which sponsor trips that attract hundreds of people.

Far West Ski Association
The Far West Ski Association is a non-profit, volunteer organization that coordinates activities and communication between 155 clubs in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Disabled Sports USA-Far West
This is the Western chapter of a national organization that offers nationwide sports rehabilitation programs, including skiing, to anyone with a permanent physical disability.


Northern California

Bay Area Council of Ski Clubs

Bay Area Outdoor Adventure Club
Ski, snowboard, cross country, snowshoe, winter camp, ice climb! Weekend packages offered all season in Lake Tahoe area. Year-round adventures including hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing, kayaking and more also available.

Capital Ski & Sports Club·

Nisei Ski Club
This club was founded in the 1950s by a group of second-generation Japanese Americans (Nisei). Now the membership also includes other Asian-Americans as well as non-Asians.

Paralleler's Ski Club
East Bay

Plumas Ski Club

SAGA North
San Francisco; This is a club for lesbians and gays

Ski Club at CSUS (Cal State Sacramento)
You don't have to be a student to join

Central California

Carmel Ski Club

Central Pacific Ski Club
San Luis Obispo. The second largest student-run ski club in the nation, taking more than 600 college students to a new resort ever year.

Fresno Ski Club

Southern California
Los Angeles/Riverside/Ventura County

Antelope Valley Ski Club

Auslich Ski & Recreation Club
Long Beach, CA

Beach Cities Ski Club

Hermosa Beach, CA

Conejo Ski Club
Westlake Village, CA

Long Beach Ski Club

Los Angeles Council of Ski Clubs

Los Padres Ski Club
Ventura County, CA

Pacific Rim Snow Sports Alliance
Los Angeles and San Diego

This is a club for gay and lesbian skiers and snowboarders.

Tri Valley Ski Club
Diamond Bar area

Wailers Ski, Snowboard and Social Club 

Burbank, CA 

Southern California
Orange County/San Diego County

Action Ski Club
San Diego

Balboa Ski and Sports Club
Orange County
The largest club in Orange County with more than 300 members, BSSC is a year-round sports and social club aimed at the over-40 crowd but open to anyone 21 and older.

Don Diego Ski Club
San Diego

North Island Snowdrifters Club
San Diego

Orange County Ski Club
Founded in 1965, the Orange County Ski Club organizes a monthly drive-up trip to Mammoth each season. We also have at least one out-of-state trip each year. During the off-season, we organize bike rides, hikes, and parties.

Pacific Rim Snow Sports Alliance
Los Angeles and San Diego

SAGA-San Diego
This is a club for lesbians and gays.

San Diego Council of Ski Clubs &
San Diego Alpine League

This Web site will give you information on ski clubs and a racing league that encompass San Diego County.

Torrey Pines Ski Club
San Diego



Northwest Ski Club Council
This is a council of approximately 25 ski clubs in Oregon & Washington. You can find information about the various clubs here.

Bergfreunde Ski Club
Portland, OR
A year-round, all volunteer, non-profit club for active adults on and off the mountain. 400+ activities a year, 2000+ members, one of the largest ski clubs in the country.

Mountain High Snowsport Club
A fun ski club in Portland, Oregon. Nick-named "the club that really skis!" Ski trips, recreational racing, year-round social activities, and more. Approximately 200 members of all ages, mainly downhill skiers, some snowboarders, some cross-country skiers. A warm and friendly atmosphere.

Oregon Nordic Club
A club with 11 chapters in various Oregon communities


The Backpacking Club
A non-profit club in Spokane, WA that schedules snowshoe hikes and backpacks through the winter, and hikes and backpacks without snowshoes in better weather.

Northwest Ski ClubCouncil
This is a council of approximately 25 ski clubs from Oregon & Washington.

Crystal Mountain Alpine Club


The Ski Association of Hawai'i
Yes, it's true. There are snow sports enthusiasts even in the tropics. This club, based in Honolulu, takes ski trips to the mainland and to Mauna Kea, which has skiable snow but no chairlifts. It also offers other sports activities.

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