Preparing for a Ski/Snowboard Trip

Are you a newcomer to skiing or snowboarding? Booking a family trip to a local, regional or even destination resort is a great way to learn something new and also have some quality time with loved ones. Getting ready for that first-ever family ski/snowboard trip does require some planning and it can be more affordable that you might think. Here are some tips to keep you smiling and help you enjoy the experience. In addition to these tips, you can use the web site as a starting point.


Book Early: The earlier you can plan the better to ensure getting what you want. First consider locations that are drivable but selecting more far-away venues can also be an adventure. It either lodging rates in winter resorts rise during peak season as do airline tickets to more popular destination resorts. The obvious option is searching online for the best deals. If you book off peak by even one week, you’ll end up saving quite a bit of money. And, sometimes waiting until the last minute can pay off especially if there is excess inventory to sell. 

Look For Combination Packages: Look for locations that include ski lift tickets in the pricing. This saves time and money as some lodges offer much better lift ticket prices than the if they were bought separately. Mid-week passes will also give you a few extra dollars off instead of for the weekend. If a preferred lodge doesn’t offer lift tickets, look for deals where lift tickets and lessons are offered in a package deal. Some resorts even include meals when choosing all day lessons for beginners. Also consider using serives such as Liftopia or Get Lift Tickets as a source. 

Pack Smart: Ski clothes should be warm and comfortable, but they shouldn’t make you hot. The good news is that skiing and snowboarding burn a lot of calories and you’ll get a vigorous workout. Wearing synthetics such as nylons and polyester with some padding will wick away moisture and help ensure better agility and comfort.   

Wool is also recommended due to its wicking properties and ability to help maintain comfort. Weatherproof outer clothing is your best choice. Weather on a mountain can go from sunny to snowy in a short amount of time. Base and mid layers are just as important as your outer jacket and pants.

Chances are that you have most of the needed garments in your closet and renting apparel is an option. 



Skin Protection: Most people think about protecting their skin from the sun’s rays during the summer. However, don’t underestimate the power of sun in the winter, especially when it is reflecting off of snow. Investing in a pair of sunglasses or goggles with UV protection is a smart move as is bringing along a strong sunscreen and lip protection. Even on a cloudy day, wind can affect your skin and lips so stay prepared with sunscreen and lip moisturizer. – just as you would do at a summer beach vacation.

Ski/snowboard trips can be stress free when you plan and prepare for them. Knowing what to expect in terms of costs, packing and logistics will help you enjoy a wonderful winter vacation in the snow.

BYLINE: Duane Allen is an avid skier and traveler, and is adamant about preparation! When he’s not skiing or writing, you can find Duane at The Ski Bum, sharing his knowledge of the sport with ski and snowboarding fanatics.

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