Burn Off Unwanted "Holiday Calories" by Learning How to Ski or Snowboard


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November 2017 - Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season when most people have a tendency to eat more than usual often leading to unwanted extra pounds. There’s a remedy. Learn how to ski or snowboard and burn those extra calories off in no time

The number of calories burned per hour depends on the proficiency and weight of the participant. Typically, a 130-pound individual skiing with a “light effort” can burn 295 calories per hour. At a moderate pace, that number goes up to 354 calories per hour. Snowboarding provides similar results. 

Check out this Calorie Chart for other calorie burn rates. 

Skiing and snowboarding also can improve muscle tone and balance. Both utilize core muscles in the abdomen and also work muscles in the calves, arms, hands, ankles and feet. These workouts naturally improve one’s balance. Snowboarding requires changing directions frequently and this movement in particular can improve flexibility and muscle strength in feet and ankles. And, because even older participants can enjoy skiing and snowboarding, the sports can help prevent muscle loss as well. 

Skiing and snowboarding can enhance mood. Any physical activity promotes increased production of endorphins, which, in turn, creates feelings of relief and happiness.A study conducted by a group of South Korean researchers reports that the pleasure gained from a skiing /snowboarding is enough to improve overall happiness and well-being - even with occasional visits to the mountains. According to the study, hose who benefitted the most benefits got "into the flow," meaning they focused on their skiing and forgot everything else while on the slopes.

The snow sports industry has designated January as Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. “Our slogan is ‘Humans Were Never Meant to Hibernate,’ said Mary Jo Tarallo, executive director for the initiative. “We hope that children and adults will take advantage of numerous learning deals especially during January and know that lessons are available all winter long”.  

For further details, go to theAdult/Kids Tipssection of www.learntoskiandsnowboard.org.The section also provides suggestions on modest exercises that can help newcomers get in better shape for a quality snow experience.


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