Ski and Snowboard Expos Offer a Plethora of Information and Deals from Resorts and Products Even for Beginners



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Late September 2017 – Upcoming consumer Ski and Snowboard Expos are a good resource for special deals not just for experienced snow enthusiasts but for beginners as well. Events take place in various parts of the country beginning in October and culminating in December.

Expos are organized with current skiers and snowboarders in mind but they also offer opportunities for newcomers. Expos feature a wide array of venders from ski and snowboard resorts in a local market and also from destinations father away.

“”Expos are a once a year opportunity for current participants and newbies to find out what is happening at resorts during the upcoming winter, find great deals and talk to professionals who know a lot about skiing and snowboarding,” said Mary Jo Tarallo, executive director for the industry’s Learn to Ski and Snowboard/Bring a Friend initiative.

Details on consumer shows are available at:

Retail snow sports specialty shops typically host large sales, and sometimes swaps, at shows making it convenient for consumers to review an extensive inventory and purchase at reasonable prices.

Many expos provide indoor lessons, entertainment, food demos and other informational clinics to help consumers make informed decisions about what various venues have to offer.

The larger expos take place in metro areas making it easy for urbanite newcomers to gather information from various sources. For example, the Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo takes place the weekend of Nov. 9 – 12, 2017 and the Denver Ski and Snowboard Expo is scheduled for Nov.10 – 12, 2017. The shows are organized by BEWI Productions and both feature a substantial equipment/clothing sale, dozens of resort booths and various activities for show-goers. 

The L.A. Ski Dazzle, another large show, is set for November 17 - 19, 2017.  The San Diego SnowJam Show takes place the week before – Nov. 10 – 12, 2017.

In addition, a variety of shops and resorts host ski and snowboard swaps in the fall. These often are hosted by members of the National Ski Patrol and are set up as fundraisers fro various educational groups.

A sampling is available at:


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